artisJet proV6 phone case printer and APP for printing phone case & accessories

artisJet Phone case printer & CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

When people love what they do, what they do is amazing

Everyone has their own way of being unique and different, and their own definition of expressing creativity. artisJet phone case printers empower you to enable your customers enjoy the privilege of creating their own customized phone covers, to select phone cases for any brands, to text what they want to express, to upload their photos, to design their own emojis and to print on their own. Let the phone cover customize be interactive and a lot of fun. Discover how easy it is to work with artisJet phone case printers and APP by watching the YOUTUBE VIDEO.


Inspiring your customers’ creativity and let them enjoy the shopping

artisJet proV6 printing system, DIY APP and server work together to deliver a seamless experience that just makes your customers happier. You can have your customers start their shopping in your stores by playing with the interactive screens even uploading their own photos via a QR Code scan.

Screen dynamic materials
Catch your customers attention by displaying your slogan, telling them your differences and your brand main service.
APP User Interface
Support all smart phone brands and all smart phone models of phone cases/phone covers/phone accessories.
All contents customization interface
All contents, the possibilities of customization including your unique designs or customers’ samples in different styles, text fonts (can be customized), emojis, stickers, unique artwork from graphic designers and photographers etc.
QR Code easy scan
Simply enable your customer scan and upload their own photos with one scan from any browser.
Zero Touch

Let your customers print it!

Simply have your customers preview their own design till they are satisfied and ready to go to produce, let themselves have the customization job done by their own hands.

Click to Preview
Simply click to preview, back to redesign till ready to go and click PRINT
Choose phone case
Pick up the right phone model case, load it to the print window, click PRINT
Green & Safe Production Environment
artisJet phone case printer Equipped with air purification system and the STOP ON OPEN technology, the printing process will create zero smell and UV light harmless.
Easy as a child’s play
Have the print in no time with photo quality and long durability.
ACCREDITED HARDWARE on artisJet Pro V6 UV printer

Easy to operate, Simple to maintain

An industrial yet smart printing device widely used by top luxury brands in cosmetics and diamonds industries for different flagship stores globally and enjoys high-recommendations and appraise by its users.

Smart fit printer
Keeping in mind that space in store is the cost, artisJet designed this printer to be a smart fit UV printer, mobile, portable, and easy to handle. Simple to design its furniture.
Advanced technology
Advanced technology for all easy use, do your maintenance by one click, zero maintenance on UV LED system.
Small UV printer, worldwide use
Telecommunications industry, cosmetics industry,etc.
CE / ROHS / REACH, RISC certifications to more.
Less is More!

Intelligent software drives the MAGIC

Workstation (COPIES support), APP platform back end management etc.

Efficiency with artisJet Workstation
Does all the hard work for you, laying out over and over again, as many time as you need, for more customers and a faster speed.
APP Backend Management
Identify and keep track of multiple orders submitted by different users / customers at the same time.

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