Phone Case Jigs

The matched EPS files for all jigs are available, helping you to position the printing materials fast and preciously.

Ipad case jig - case size: 188mm*244mm

Iphone 4S case jig - case size: 60.3mm*117mm

Iphone3 case jig - case size: 64.5mm*117mm

Iphone5 case jig - Phonecase size:60.7mm*124.9mm

Phone case jig for Blackberry 9900 - case size: 70mm*118.3mm

Phone case jig Blackberry 8520 - size: case 64mm*109.3mm

Phone case jig SAMSUNG I9300 GALAXY SIII - case size: 72mm*137mm

Phone case jig SAMSUNG I9300 GALAXY SII - case size: 72mm*137mm