Buyer's guide

Which phone case printer is right for you?

Solution 1st : Eco solvent printer

HCP-132408, HCP-132406 and HCP-M2 are the personalized phone/Pad case printer, adopting 6 colors/ 8 colors (C,M,Y,K,LC,LM) CISS system, it Directly prints on various models of phone/Pad cases; With the productive capability of 100-400 cases per day.

HCP-132408 8 colors pad case printer HCP-M2 mini phone case printer

Solution 2nd : HCP-2860 UV LED phone case printer

The HCP-2860 UV LED phone case printer is easy to print onto any color covers or the electronics itself in a flash with 3D embossed stunning real color print result! And it is a smart size industrial phone case/PAD covers/computer covers printing equipment capable of printing 400-500 pcs cases a day (Taking Iphone 5 cover as an example, 8 working hours/ a day). HCP-2860 model is the most productive and compatible for quantity prints for any type of covers.

HCP-132408 8 colors uv phone case printer


Commercial features:
No any limitation.
All cases can be printed directly, including metal case, leather case, TPU case, PC case, even the phone cover itself in all colors.

Embossing effect
Only model ideal for embossing case printing, which can increase the case price more than USD5 per piece.