Custom Phone Case Printer Family

In the recent past 8 years, BrotherJet have been launching new inks and solutions for the flatbed printing technology. The personalized phone cases is becoming pop in the world wide since 2008 as the development of the electronics industry.

BROTHERJET HCP-132408 Phone case printer

BROTHERJET HCP-132408 Phone cases printers

For medium business runners or elementary runners, 8 colors with best color performances, Only support printing on light cases(white, transparent etc..), 160-200pcs/hour for logo printing on Iphone5 with 1440*1440dpi, Max print quantity / one time : 16 set, BROTHERRIP supports multi pcs printing at one pass with templates, 100% dry print after 2 minutes.

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BROTHERJET HCP-3000 desktop uv Phone cases printer

The BrotherJet Artis HCP-3000 small uv printer is designed to print on phone covers . It instant dry in prints directly on TPU, PC, Aluminum, wood, bamboo, IMD, Leather phone cases, etc… The BrotherJet Artis HCP-3000 is ideal for custom phone case printing.

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HCP-2000 mini IPAD / Phone cover uv printer

Only 30Kg small packing for easy shipping, Max print quantity / one time : 6 set, For medium business runners or elementary runners, 30-50pcs/hour for logo printing on Iphone5.

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